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As soon as you call us for your refrigerator repair in Santa Clara CA, we will make time to visit your home or place of business to evaluate your fridge issues.

When the solution is found you will get the quote for the refrigerator parts and our labor. We have some of the competitive refrigerator repair rates all across Santa Clara CA and we know we can get the job done right. If your fridge is just acting up, usually it needs a little maintenance.

The coils might need deep cleaning, frost could be blocking heaters and/or fans, and so on. If you aren't sure why your fridge is acting up, our trained and certified appliance repair technicians will be able to help. While it might all seem to be confusing right now, just one quick conversation with any of our Santa Clara refrigerator repair specialists will make it all make sense.

You can get one of our repair experts out right away to look at your fridge and estimate the cost for its repair. What we will charge you is the refrigerator parts cost and our labor charge. If you think it's too much, feel free to see how we compare with alternative repair companies in Santa Clara CA or its surrounding areas.

For the fact that we reduce the cost of refrigerator parts needed for the job by throwing corporate savings your way, we are confident our rates are some of the best in Santa Clara CA. Confused? We get great discounts for refrigerator parts in Santa Clara CA through local suppliers and loyalty programs, but we take the difference off what we charge you.

Don't let your fridge cause you issues when it doesn't have to; give us a call today to start your refrigerator repair in Santa Clara CA with a company you can trust!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

A really quick frost build up in your refrigerator's freezer could be a sign of a problem in the defrosting system. You can inspect the defrost heater and thermostat for problems, as well as the timer. There are steps you can take to diagnose, part by part, to figure out the cause of the problem. If you notice your beer compartment is starting to heat up, check to see whether the evaporator fan motor burnt out. Additionally, opening and closing your freezer door on a regular basis can cause an excessive buildup of frost around the door area.


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