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Stumped as to how to handle your washer repair needs?

Don't just call up a family friend; we are a Santa Clara washer repair service that can help you out! Our team consists of numerous Santa Clara CA appliance repair experts that have provided washer repair in Santa Clara CA for a very long time.

With our extensive professional experience, we are confident every washer repair job that comes our way is handled properly. It all starts with setting up a diagnostics visit or a 'service call' to evaluate your washing machine troubles. This is where we find the root of the problem and draw up a solution; you receive a written quote, which states how much the entire washer repair would cost you.

If you hire us for your washer repair in Santa Clara CA, you will be charged only for the washer parts and our technician's labor. Further, you have the option to follow through with the repair or just pay for the diagnostics call. The latter is typically advised when replacing the appliance is more cost-effective; our rates are as competitive as possible, and we always pass on price cuts we get on replacement washer parts to our clients.

In fact, we go the extra mile to ensure our services are affordable on everyone's first repair. Regardless of what type of washing machine troubles you are having, and the age, make and model of your washer -- we can get the washer parts in Santa Clara CA and finish the repair fast.

Tell us what your schedule is like and when you want one of our washer repair experts to come take a look at your washer. We are always ready and willing to help anyone in need of an appliance repair in Santa Clara CA, so call to get your repair underway.

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Does your washer fail to run or show weakness during the last cycle of each load? If so, the most common causes would be a defect in the lid switch, a burnt or open plug, clothes stuck, or a weakening clutch. Further, the timer switch could be preventing the transmission from triggering the spin cycle. These are just some of the many possible causes -- if it is not the lid switch and it's not a plug, you'll likely find yourself getting in touch with an expert to come and diagnose the problem.


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